Mabel Bedroom
Mabel Bedroom Mabel Fireplace The downstairs rear bedroom (to the left at the end of the Front Foyer) was used extensively by Mabel, Theodore's second child and is honored with her name.  It has a private bath, fireplace, queen size bed, ceiling fan  and TV.  The fireplace, original to the house except for the gas heater, has extensive carved Oak all around and was the principal source of heat until recent renovations in 1995 added baths in each bedroom and central heat and air conditioning.

The furnishings in the Mabel bedroom portray the style of furniture used by Mabel and her husband on their many visits to her family home. Typical of houses built in Louisiana ca. 1850 there are no closets, as homes were taxed according to the number of rooms and closets were counted as rooms.  Each bedroom has an armoire for storage.  High ceilings, ceiling fans and large windows add to the quiet charm of the downstairs bedrooms.

Mabel Armaire
Max Mayer Bedroom
Max Bedroom Armoire The downstairs front bedroom (immediately to the left when entering the foyer from the front porch) honors Max Mayer Dreyfus, the first born son. After attending school in New Orleans Max returned to Livonia an oversaw the farm operations for several years.  After his marriage he made his home in New Orleans but the house and family affections drew Max and his children to frequent visits and long summers at Dreyfus House.
Max Bedroom Fireplace


Blondina Tea Room
The Blondina Tea Room is named in honor of Blondina Dreyfus, once mistress of the house (1887-1950).  Blondina's kitchen provided sumptuous meals 3 times per day for employees, family, friends and guests.  She spoke several languages, enjoyed fine music and made everyone welcome in her home and at her table.  The Dreyfus family strives to continue her style of entertaining with this lovely, inviting room.

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